ShareGurl was founded in 2013 to make the pines more accessible. Over the years, we’ve built ourselves into the Pines’ premier hospitality and event production company. We employ a team that operates a portfolio of rooms-by-the-night properties. Our premier properties are the Hotel by ShareGurl (formerly known as the Botel) and the Pines Club, a high-end bay-front property that we also manage as a venue for community events. To book your stay with us, head over to http://sharegurl.com/lodging.

On the events side we are a soup-to-nuts outfit with the ability to manage everything from the conceptualization and design phases of an event through execution. While we are best known for our weekly house party series, we can do pretty much anything from a basic equipment rental to a high-end dinner party. Our premier annual event is Spray Fire Island, now in its fourth year of production.  For more information about Spray, including images and video from past years, check out http://sprayfireisland.com.