NetEnt Live Blackjack June 16, 2024

NetEnt built a stellar reputation with a range of innovative, high-quality slots the company has been producing since 1996, and in 2013 the team decided to prove they can do an equally good job of games hosted by live dealers.

It was clearly a success as, next to Evolution Gaming, NetEnt Live is nowadays the most widely represented option for Blackjack and Roulette fans looking for a land-based casino experience accessible from the comfort of their homes.

By providing both standard tables and a multiplayer alternative, the provider has made sure there’s a seat available whenever you feel like betting against one of its professional and engaging dealers.

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Generic 7 Seat Tables

NetEnt’s 7-seat Blackjack plays in a studio that looks and sounds like a real casino floor. The dealer will welcome you to the table and remain available for answering game-related questions typed in the Live Chat window.

The same tool is used to communicate with the casino pit boss. Bet limits for the table are displayed in the upper left corner and min and max limits for each bet type presented in the Paytable. On the right-hand side you’ll find a set of buttons leading to the lobby, game rules, player’s history and settings for adjusting video quality (low, medium, high or auto) and audio (sound effects, dealer’s voice).

Once you’re familiar with the game environment, pick your position at the table and start betting. If you fail to place a bet for multiple rounds, you’ll first receive a warning message and eventually lose your seat.

Wagering is made easy via buttons that allow the player to repeat the same bet as in the previous game round, undo the last bet placed or double the value of their current bet.

Players receive their cards face up and the dealer gets their second card face down. If they land an Ace, you can buy Insurance which costs 50% of the initial bet and pays 2:1 in case your opponent gets Blackjack. If the dealer reveals an Ace while you have Blackjack, they’ll offer Even Money.

Two optional side bets provide an opportunity to earn more than the main game can deliver – the 21+3 which wins if the first two cards dealt to the player, combined with the dealer’s up card, form a winning 3-card poker hand, and Perfect Pairs bet which will win when your initial two cards have the same value.

The first pays between 5:1 and 100:1 and the other 5:1 for mixed pair, 10:1 for same colour pair and 30:1 for a suited pair.

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Blitz Blackjack

Blitz Blackjack is NetEnt’s common draw game variant with a single betting position shared by an infinite number of players. Cards may continue to be dealt even if you choose to Stand as some of the other players may have decided to Hit, Split or Double.

The interface is the same as in the 7-seat game and so are the rules, which also means one can earn more by wagering on 21+3 and/or Perfect Pairs. Blitz Blackjack makes the game accessible to a wider audience as it features lower minimum bet – usually €1 vs €5 accepted at 7-seat tables.

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Live Beyond Live Blackjack

NetEnt team continuously tries to find ways to make the experience as close as possible playing at a brick-and-mortar casino. The latest result is Live Beyond Live, a beautiful virtual casino floor where you can see other tables and move from one to another without having to revisit the lobby.

The game uses NetEnt’s standard interface with the addition of Minimap – a virtual map of the casino floor showing available Live Blackjack and Roulette tables and at the same time a portal allowing instant access to the one of your choice.

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Drawing Rules & RTP for NetEnt Blackjack

All NetEnt’s Live Blackjack games play with 8 decks and make dealers stand on 17. If your first two cards have the same value, you can Split them to create two separate hands. For all split hands, except for Aces, you can hit multiple times.

Players can also double the value of their initial bet and receive only one additional card before their hand automatically stands. One is allowed to Double Down after splitting their hand. NetEnt’s Live Blackjack has a high RTP of 99.50%.

  • 8 decks
  • Dealers stand on all 17
  • Insurance offered when dealer shows an Ace
  • Even Money offered to player’s BJ vs dealer’s Ace
  • One Split per round
  • Split Aces receive one card each
  • Double Down on any two cards
  • Double after Split allowed
  • RTP 99.50%
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How Does NetEnt Compare Against Other Suppliers?

NetEnt never compromises on quality and that’s just as evident in the company’s live dealer games as in its super-popular slots. Video is crisp, clear and never freezes, regardless of the device used. In fact, when it comes to streaming quality, NetEnt is one of rare providers that meet our high expectations created by playing Evolution Gaming games.

Although NetEnt’s Live Blackjack range doesn’t include any innovations in terms of the mechanism, it does ensure there’s always a seat to be claimed; even if all standard tables happen to be full, there’s Blitz Blackjack with the same intuitive interface and identical optional wagers. At the same time, Live Beyond Live concept proves the company is willing to invest time and effort to take live gaming to another level rather than simply follow the others.

NetEnt’s dealers are also among the best we’ve played against – professional, well –mannered ladies and gentlemen that can easily communicate in fluent English while dealing out cards. Players clearly recognize it and it’s unfortunate they can’t show their appreciation by giving their dealer a tip.

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June 16, 2024