Lightning Roulette in United States - Where? June 15, 2024

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The 2000s were a crucial decade for the iGaming industry, as a new wave of digitalization struck the entire world. People were getting used to using the internet, which gave developers a chance to bring all the games you can imagine into the comfort of your own home.

Initially, most new variants were debuted in land-based casinos, with online versions being released only if the game is feasible on the casino floor.

As our collective computing power grew, we saw developers experimenting with the synthesis of virtuality and reality, all in order to create a unique experience of playing live dealer roulette.

That’s how Lightning Roulette came to be. The best way to describe this variant by Evolution Gaming would be to call it an embodiment of the gaming industry’s neverending urge to grow and improve.

Even though roulette is beloved because of the abundance of inside and outside bets involved, there was always a need for a way to reward players in a more random way.

The problem with most roulette variants is that you already know you can impact the outcome by opting for a certain strategy or type of coverage. With Lightning Roulette, Evolution Gaming turned heads because of a unique combination of live casino gaming and RNG technology.

While players and the dealer influence the game to a high extent, everyone at the table gets a chance wins big when lightning strikes 1-5 random numbers. If you’re the lucky guy or gal who selected said number, you can multiply your wager between 50x and 500x.

Due to this extra chance to break the bank, Lightning Roulette became an instant hit upon its launch in early 2018. Not only were fans delighted by the unique fusion of RNG tech and live dealer gaming, but experts also took notice of Evolution’s groundbreaking efforts.

As such, Lightning Roulette was named the Product Innovation of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards in 2018, as well as winning the same award at G2E Las Vegas. It also won EGR’s Game of the Year award, which was more than enough to prompt us to review Lightning Roulette in a comprehensive manner.

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🥇 Our Favourite Lightning Roulette Sites in United States

Even though other Evolution titles such as Infinite Blackjack or Free Bet Blackjack have become massively popular in the last few years because of their high RTPs, no amount of financial certainty is able to replace the dynamic nature of roulette.

Because of this, companies have been more than happy to throw their ideas at the wall and see what sticks. Despite the lack of consistent returns due to a slightly above average RTP (97.30%), Lightning Roulette is one idea that stuck to the rosters of many US casino gambling sites.

Now, even offering this title is a sign that a particular casino is worthy of your attention, as Evolution is notorious for being strict when it comes to giving out licenses. Despite this being a reassuring piece of information, it’s crucial that you choose a proper online casino for your Lightning Roulette needs. It’s not enough to just offer a great game, as that’s just one way of interacting with the site.

While the title itself is entertaining, the whole experience can effectively fall apart if the site isn’t good enough. Even simple problems such as an annoying UI or a faulty banking section can result in you wanting to give up. That’s precisely what we want to help you avoid. Lightning Roulette provides such an amazing way of playing roulette, and it’s completely worth doing an extra bit of homework when it comes to finding the right casino.

Thankfully, you can relax and leave the research to us. Our team at Online Casino US followed the rollout of Lightning Roulette closely. As more and more US sites started offering the game, we wanted to test each and every one. Initially, it looked like just a few casinos were interested in adopting the title, but the number eventually grew to 25+ brands. Using our own custom-made criteria and methods, we put these sites to the ultimate test.

After a series of heated debates, we were somehow able to come up with a clear-cut top five. All the chosen casinos are completely legitimate, licensed by the right regulatory bodies, and pay withdrawals in no more than 48 hours. Check out their features and making the right choice will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done:

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Deposit Bonus
Good & Bad
Visit Casino
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Average withdrawal processing time of 5 hours.
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What Makes a Good Lightning Roulette Casino?

It’s impossible to give a simple answer and present a single quality that can be used to identify quality, reputable casinos. 15 years ago, this might have been possible, but our technology has become so advanced that there is now a plethora of factors that determine the echelon in which a site is to be placed. Things get even trickier when talking about Lightning Roulette and brands that have obtained a license to offer it playerers.

Of course, there are basic things such as licensing. Being overseen by a regulatory body is a must for every casino, as such organizations not only monitor the endeavors of the operator but are also able to jump in and solve any disputes. This means that a valid license is the best form of protection you can have in case something happens. Additionally, every good Lightning Roulette site should offer only reputable payment platforms, just as a means of preventing any cyber attacks.

Then, there are things such as website speed, UI quality, customer support, and so on. As you might’ve been able to see, every casino is a unique combination of various factors, outcomes, and perks. To get to the bottom of this question, we decided to test every casino that offers Lightning Roulette. We cross-referenced each brand with the rest, just to see what are the main qualities you should be looking for. In the end, we concluded that the four following elements are the essence of every great Lightning Roulette site:

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High Withdrawal Limits

Different players have different playing styles and we’re well aware of that. However, having a spectacular hot streak is something every live casino aficionado dreams of. While there are benefits to a more strategic approach, having a stroke of luck is the fastest way to transform your bankroll in a short period of time.

To be able to do accomplish this, you need to pick a Lightning Roulette casino that doesn’t impose strict withdrawal limits. If you’re playing this game, it’s essential that you give yourself enough room to ‘run it up’. Thus, we would advise you to immediately disregard any site that doesn’t allow you to withdraw more than $5,000.

While Lightning Roulette has a house edge of 2.70%, you shouldn’t judge the game just by looking at the numbers. With the addition of 1-5 random numbers, you can add thousands to your balance if you manage to guess where the ball will fall.

If the casino doesn’t permit large withdrawals, you will be forced to leave the money sitting around. This can be a very tempting situation, as it’s very easy to start wagering those funds while you’re waiting to withdraw the second batch of your winnings.

Not only do high withdrawal limits prevent you from unnecessary spending and give you more opportunities to earn money, but it’s also a sign of how much a casino cares about its customers. The presence of high limits is a direct sign that the site cares about accommodating high rollers and giving them a chance to feel comfortable whilst doing what they do best.

Every player needs his freedom and you deserve to have a shot at breaking the bank. This is even more important when you consider the volatile nature of Lightning Roulette. Be smart and secure your own gaming freedom.


Promotions & Raffles

Playing a volatile game doesn’t just require you play under liberal withdrawal limits. This particular quality allows you to maximize your winnings, but it doesn’t affect how much you lose. That’s right, both sides of the coin are equally important if you wish to improve your bankroll management.

Winning a lot means nothing if you’re prone to cold streaks and big losses. To prevent financial hemorrhage from occurring, you need to secure your wagers and not let them slip away from you.

The best way to ensure you’re going to spend as little money as possible is to use promotions and raffles. US casinos use them as a powerful means of attracting latest players and giving them a financial foundation for the initial phase of the playing experience.

Even less lucrative bonuses can give you a few hours of gameplay, especially if you prefer to take a more strategic approach when it comes to placing wagers.

There is also the uncertainty factor. Imagine that you have $50 to play with and you decide to place it all on a few numbers. Incidentally, two of those numbers get struck by lightning and you multiply your wager by as much as a thousandfold. These things happen a lot and it’s your duty to ensure that every lane to victory is properly covered by preparation and research.

While looking for the best Lightning Roulette bonus, you should always pay attention to the Terms and Conditions sections. Casino sites often hide their wagering requirements and some irrational rules in this wall of text, so you need to analyze it and see if the bonus is worth claiming.

Oftentimes, we see casinos advertising $1,000 bonus, only to realize that you have to wager your winnings 70+ times if you want to withdraw them. A bit of preparation will help you avoid such fraudulent promotions completely.

Lightning Roulette Bonus Contribution

Did you find a promotion that suits you? Great, congratulations. As amazing a lucrative bonus with low wagering requirements is, you should still be on the lookout for casinos looking to prevent you from claiming that bonus.

One method they use is imposing low bonus contribution rates for Lightning Roulette. Why do they do this? Well, roulette is yet another game whose outcome you can affect by your own actions and decisions. This means that even the most basic strategy can help you win much more than you otherwise would just by picking random numbers.

If Lightning Roulette had a 100% contribution rate, every casino would go broke. To prevent this from happening, sites often cap the amount of influence this game has on fulfilling the conditions of the bonus that you’ve picked.

Players often get excited when they find a generous bonus, only to be left disappointed by the fact that they literally have to play thousands of spins just to be able to use their money however they like.

Fortunately, you can do a lot to avoid such situations messing up your gaming experience. Aim for casinos that cap the bonus contribution of Lightning Roulette at around 20-25%. Anything more than this and it’s possible that the bonus contains other conditions that are designed to offset this seemingly lucrative offer.

As far as we were able to see, contribution rates for Lightning Roulette are all over the place, as it is the case with most other variants of popular games. Be smart when making your pick and everything should be fine.

Flexible Betting Limits

While some may consider this to be the same as ‘High Withdrawal Limits’, we at Online Casino US consider a whole new category. When you’re able to withdraw large sums of money, you can accumulate your winnings regardless of your style of play.

Sometimes, you may want to play a few spins. On other occasions, you might be in the mood for robbing the casino bling. Anything goes, basically. That’s why we believe that the flexibility of betting limits is a pre-conditions for reaping the benefits of high withdrawal limits.

Casinos approach this matter in various ways. Some impose minimum bets of $10, just to be able to squeeze more money out of players who are sporadic high-rollers. In other cases, we saw maximum betting limits of $50, which excludes high-rollers altogether. To ensure that your Lightning Roulette experience is an enjoyable one, look for a site that’s liberal on both sites.

Having a strategy is important when playing this game, so you’re going to need room to change things up and decrease or increase your wagers as you deem fit. Since Lightning Roulette is a very volatile game, you also want to mitigate excess losses by being able to lower your bets.

Flexibility and freedom will always be essential, so it’s paramount that you enter an online gaming environment that embodies these qualities.

Roots That Go Deep

If you asked a certain number of online casino enthusiasts about which game represents the niche the most, an intense debate would certainly be a realistic outcome. One group will always say that blackjack is the best and most representative casino game, basing their arguments upon the game’s simplicity and long history. From a certain perspective, they have a point. Anyone can play a hand or two, at any possible location, so their insistence is not completely unfounded.

However, being able to play at any given time or place can also have a negative effect on a game’s popularity. It becomes commonplace and not many people are willing to indulge in a form of gaming that they can see and experience on a daily basis. There is an enticing feeling to a game that’s exclusive and that’s precisely why we believe that roulette is the personification of live casino gaming.

Exclusive, mystical, and somewhat perplexing, the color wheel is still an integral part of gaming as a whole. Devised in 18th century France, roulette was initially a pastime of the rich and powerful. Because it was so fun to play, the game quickly spread across Europe and the world, becoming more accessible with each passing year.

It took on many forms, but most versions feature numbers from 0 to 36, with some wheels adding 00 as an additional way to increase the house edge. Despite the fact that more than 200 years had passed since the roulette wheel became an infatuation of millions, there is still a feeling of noticeable mystique surrounding it. The fact that the sum of all the numbers is 666 further promotes the game’s unorthodox image.

But despite the unwavering popularity of roulette, it became apparent that people need something new if they were to continue playing. As mystique stopped being the main selling point, new variants of roulette started being created.

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How Does Lightning Roulette Work?

If you’ve never played Lightning Roulette, you needn’t be concerned about the steepness of the learning curve. Unlike many other roulette variants, this Evolution title is easy to learn, as it wasn’t heavily modified by the developers. Instead of adding a multitude of new rules, the game’s creators instead focused on improving its visual experience.

Black and gold hues fill the studio, allowing you to feel like someone transported you into the Great Gatsby. The dealers are always affable and are willing to chat on a variety of topics. Creating comfort seems to be a priority for Evolution gaming, as all of their titles are characterized by this quality. Out of all the live dealer games we reviewed, this one definitely has the best studio. We observed spins at different times and we weren’t able to hear any instances of audio interference, which is a flaw that has plagued NetEnt for a number of years now.

As for what’s under the hood, Lightning Roulette is a combination of real-time roulette wheel spinning and RNG technology, which is to thank for the lucky number selection system.

While the dealer affects the outcome with their kinetic energy when they spin the wheel and throw the ball, computer algorithms are the sole determinator when it comes to high-paying numbers. Think of Lightning Roulette as Live Roulette on steroids, with added chances winning and a slight visual makeover.

Despite other innovations being missing, this game is masterfully executed, smooth, and entirely devoid of bugs and malfunctions. Other developers should definitely take notice of Evolution’s efforts if they haven’t already.

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Deposit Bonuses For Lightning Roulette

Unfortunately, there aren’t many Lightning Roulette-specific bonuses that you can check out. They were abundant during the game’s initial rollout in 2018, but US sites have generally stopped promoting the game so heavily. Nevertheless, we still believe that every player should have a bonus or two at their disposal. 

Not only will you win more, but you’ll also be able to mitigate any losses at the beginning of your Lightning Roulette ‘career.’ Our recommendation would be to find a live casino specific bonus and use it as a means of supporting your Lightning Roulette efforts. Don’t forget to find out what’s the bonus contribution, as well as details involving terms and conditions.

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First Person Lightning Roulette

Game Preview

As impressive live dealer games are, all the commotion can get a little tiring, to be honest. If you’re not in the mood for chatting with the dealer or other players, there’s also a first-person version of Lightning Roulette. Also developed by Evolution, it’s entirely run by an RNG program. 

The main difference between the live dealer version and the first-person one is that all outcomes are determined by a computer. Just like its live variant, this form of Lightning Roulette is aesthetically superb and it takes no prisoners when it comes to flaunting its impressive animations. You can expect pretty much the same things, with just a pinch of solitude added to the mix.

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Similar Roulette Tables

If you’re looking to switch things up, the best possible option would be Playtech’s Quantum Roulette. It functions on many of the principles that make Lightning Roulette so popular, with the multiplication process being the most apparent.

Just like in Evolution’s game, an RNG selects 1-5 numbers that will multiply your bets if your selected them straight-up and not as a wheel section-specific bet.

However, there are also key differences. Lightning Roulette pays 30:1 for each number that you guess straight up, while Quantum Roulette is more generous at 35:1. There are also instances where you multiplier might receive its own multipliers, one or more times.

Overall, the software might not be as refined as the one in Lightning Roulette, but Playtech’s take on RNG roulette resulted in a game that’s much more dynamic and logical than your average variant.

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June 15, 2024