Lucky Streak Live Roulette May 24, 2024

Lucky Streak was founded in 2014, which makes it one of the younger live gaming providers, but the company’s products can quality-wise compete with those developed by game studios with far more experience.

The team has quickly realized they’ll need to innovate in order to steal players from very strong competitors and their Live Roulette range consequently demonstrates creative solutions you’ll not have seen in other games of the same type.

Players will be able to enjoy 16:9 HD-quality video and use user-friendly interface to bet on the outcome of a spin executed by professional and friendly dealers.

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Generic Lucky Streak Live Roulette Tables

Lucky Streak streams Live Roulette games from a nicely designed studio with audible casino-like noise. It doesn’t go for an easy solution – a self-standing Roulette wheel, but instead provides a massive Roulette table with a digital overlay showing the win percentage next to each possible outcome. It’s also used for placing bets and that makes Lucky Streak’s execution truly unique.

However, you can also wager via a digital racetrack if that feels more comfortable. The table incorporates a slot for tips and thus enables players to share their good fortune with the croupier. The timer above it shows them how much time is left to decide what to bet on.

You can use Statistic tab on the right-hand side of the screen to view recent winning numbers (last 10 rounds) or Hot/Cold ones. Buttons on top allow players to change interface language (about dozen to pick from), switch between Classic and Multi-view, read rules, adjust volume and video quality (low, medium, high or auto), manipulate sound settings and win animations.

Buttons at the bottom of the screen will take you to the developer’s lobby, display your own history and open Live Chat.

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Tables Streamed From Brick & Mortar Casinos

It takes one click to visit and play at a land-based casino – just launch Fashion, Oracle 1, Oracle 360 or Porto Roulette and you’ll be instantly transported to a casino floor to bet alongside players who are physically present at the same venue.

All of these Live Roulette games have a surprisingly high video quality considering the limitations developers have to deal with when transmitting from land-based casinos. Cameras mounted above the table provide a good view of casino patrons as well as the spinning wheel.

Wagers are made via the digital betting table and a racetrack though one can also re-apply previously saved favourite bets.

Game interface is dead simple, with in-game options limited to language change, game rules, video/audio settings and volume control. There’s no Live Chat window and it’s easy to understand that a croupier who has to communicate with players around the table can’t chat with those playing online. Dealer tipping, however, is still available.

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Live Roulette Game Types

Lucky Streak provides only one game type and that’s the most popular European Roulette. We can imagine the team thinking whether to cater to smaller target groups by adding French and American alternatives and instead choosing to make the most frequently played variant as good as possible.

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How Does Lucky Streak Compare With Other Suppliers?

Live Roulette from Lucky Streak features an excellent video and audio quality even when broadcasting from brick-and-mortar casinos. The only issue is that you’ll quickly get disconnected if inactive, which is a bit frustrating.

You won’t get frustrated with the game interface, though; it incorporates a number of useful options, including the opportunity to adjust video quality, manageable via buttons which are easy to find but never obstruct the view of live action.

The developer has given a lot of attention to details to make their games different to all others and help you forget you’re playing online. When hovering your mouse over chips of different denominations, you’ll hear a sound closely resembling the one you’d make by handling physical chips. The digital overlay makes it feel as if you’re placing them on a physical table rather than a virtual betting board.

No other live game provider has invested that amount of time and effort and players will doubtlessly reward them by choosing Lucky Streak Live Roulette over many of the competing products.

The team did an equally good job of selecting and training their engaging, talkative dealers. Even croupiers spinning the Roulette wheel manage to communicate more and better than those employed by majority of other developers so it’s likely you’ll eventually use the opportunity to reward them with a tip.

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May 24, 2024