Slots With The Best Bonus & Free Spins Features July 25, 2024

Slot machines are by far the most popular form of entertainment at online casinos. Playing slot games does not require special skills or experience. You simply spin the reels and if you are lucky enough to form a winning combination, you win. To attract more players to these exciting games both slot providers and online gaming operators offer free or bonus spins which allow players wins for nothing.

Yes, just as you have read, for nothing. Players are given bonus spins so they can score wins without spending their own money. It’s no wonder bonus spins are the most popular bonus feature offered by slot games.

Not only that you can enjoy them within games, but online casinos can also treat you with sets of bonus spins so that you can play the game for free. This guide deals with bonus spins and how they work.


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What Are Bonus Spins

Bonus spins or free spins are spins which allow you to play a slot machine without wagering money on them. Once triggered, bonus spins play with no need for pushing the Spin button. All winnings from them are accumulated to be added to your balance when the feature is over. This applies to both bonus spins within the game and those credited to you by the online casino you are registered with.

Sometimes bonus spins are more rewarding than regular ones as you can benefit from additional bonus features available during them. They may include additional Wild symbols which will increase your winning chances and multipliers, to name a few.

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Bonus Spins Types

As we have already mentioned, most online video slots offer the free spins feature. These in-game bonus spins let you play a series of rounds without making money wagers. The best part of this bonus feature is that you can play without risk of losing your own money and still win. Bonus spins are played at the chosen bet value and they pay according to the paytable. Sometimes, payouts from bonus spins are subject to multipliers which are active only during the feature and apply to all the winnings from it.

You should make difference between bonus spins within the game and those credited to you by the gaming venue. The latter are given as a bonus based on your deposit or with no deposit required. You can be credited a set of bonus spins on a specific game. These bonus spins are typically played at a minimum bet value so you should not expect big payouts from them.

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How Bonus Spins Work

As you have figured out by now, bonus spins are triggered while playing a slot machine. To unlock the feature you need to land a sufficient number of special symbols on the reels. In most cases you will have to land at least three Scatters, symbols which pay regardless of their position. Sometimes these symbols come with the Bonus or Free Spins label on them, you will easily recognise them. Visit the paytable to learn more about the free spins feature and the requirements you have to meet to activate it.

When the feature is triggered, you will be asked to press the Start button to set the reels in motion. Once they start spinning, you don’t have to push the button any more as bonus spins are played automatically. The number of bonus spins differs from one game to another. By landing a sufficient number of Scatters during the feature you can retrigger it and get another set of free games. Sometimes, bonus spins can be a part of an interactive bonus round or you need to pick triggering symbols to reveal the number of free games.

We have already mentioned that sometimes free games come with additional features which can include additional Wilds or multipliers. When it comes to Wilds, extra Wilds can be added to the reels throughout bonus spins or you may get additional expanding, sticky or stacked Wilds which can be present during the feature or activated with each spin. Multipliers can double or triple your payouts from bonus spins or your winnings may be subject to multipliers which increase as the feature advances.

When it comes to free spins credited to you as a bonus, sometimes you need to claim them and at other times they will be added to your account automatically. If you need to claim bonus spins, you should do it by the instructions given by the casino. You may be required to make a deposit or provide a coupon code to get free spins. Some gaming venues add free games to your account as soon as you register with them. If this is the case, just go to the game you are given bonus spins for and start playing. There is one thing you should keep in mind: these free spins are played as regular spins, they are just played for free. During these bonus spins you can trigger the regular free spins feature if the game offers it as well.

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Best Bonus Spins Rounds

It is hard to tell which are the best free spins rounds as it depends on a set of factors. Sometimes the free spins feature is great, but other features of the game are not that lucrative so it serves to compensate for the time and money lost during the base game. For instance, a slot may offer a theoretically rewarding free spins feature, but it pays rarely. All free spins, multipliers and additional substitutes cannot make up for the downsides of this game.

To see if the free spins feature fits the bill visit the paytable and simply read what it offers. Among the features which can make bonus spins more lucrative are multipliers, whether they are constant or increasing, an increasing amount of free spins, Wilds that are added to the reels to secure more frequent wins, stacked or sticky Wilds which are held at their positions for the duration of the feature and so on.

Some bonus spins features offer you to choose the combinations of free spins and multipliers. You should be careful when making your choice as typically the higher the multiplier, the less free spins you get. There are also slot games which offer so-called Win Win feature at the end of free games. If you win an amount which is lower that one set by the slot provider, you have an additional chance to improve your score with this feature which may let you spin the reels until you reach the given sum.

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Advantages of Playing Slot Games with Bonus Spins

The biggest advantage of playing slot machines with bonus spins is that you have more opportunities winning and you can win without risking your own money. During a series of spins you will have a chance to create winning combinations and your bankroll will be safe.

Not only that you won’t be risking your money but your odds of winning can be enhanced as well thanks to a variety of additional bonus features active during free games.

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FAQ July 25, 2024

How to get bonus spins?

You can get free spins by playing slot games that offer them and triggering the feature or by signing up with an online casino which offers bonus spins.

Can I play slot games with bonus spins in free play mode?

Yes, you can play slot games with bonus spins in free play mode. However, you should keep in mind that you cannot keep your winnings from spins played without wagering cash.

Do I have to register play slot games with bonus spins?

The answer to this question depends on the casino which offers the games. Some casinos allow you player slot game with bonus spins with no registration completed in free play more. If you want to make the most of the gameplay and keep your winnings from bonus spins, you will have to sign up with the casino. What’s more, you may get a batch of bonus spins as a new customer and make some real money winnings without risking your own money.

Do I have to download slot games with bonus spins?

In most cases you don’t have to download slot games with bonus spins as they are available in instant-play mode and can be accessed directly from your web or mobile browser.

However, certain slot providers still offer downloadable casino platforms with slot machines exclusively available on them. They are older slot machines and if you are interested into playing them, you will have to download and install the casino software to access them.

Are bonus spins the only special feature available in slot machines?

If you read our guide to slot machines with bonus spins, you could learn more about bonus features in general. Bonus or free spins are not the only special feature available in slot machines. Besides them, you can also benefit from multipliers, Wilds, bonus rounds, instant wins and so on.